Speeches (Lines) for Andromache
in "Troilus and Cressida"

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(stage directions). [Enter HECTOR and ANDROMACHE]

Andromache. When was my lord so much ungently temper'd,
To stop his ears against admonishment?
Unarm, unarm, and do not fight to-day.



Hector. You train me to offend you; get you in:
By all the everlasting gods, I'll go!

Andromache. My dreams will, sure, prove ominous to the day.



Cassandra. Where is my brother Hector?

Andromache. Here, sister; arm'd, and bloody in intent.
Consort with me in loud and dear petition,
Pursue we him on knees; for I have dream'd
Of bloody turbulence, and this whole night
Hath nothing been but shapes and forms of slaughter.



Cassandra. The gods are deaf to hot and peevish vows:
They are polluted offerings, more abhorr'd
Than spotted livers in the sacrifice.

Andromache. O, be persuaded! do not count it holy
To hurt by being just: it is as lawful,
For we would give much, to use violent thefts,
And rob in the behalf of charity.



Hector. Hold you still, I say;
Mine honour keeps the weather of my fate:
Lie every man holds dear; but the brave man
Holds honour far more precious-dear than life.
How now, young man! mean'st thou to fight to-day?

Andromache. Cassandra, call my father to persuade.



Cassandra. O Priam, yield not to him!

Andromache. Do not, dear father.

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