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in "Henry VI, Part I"

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(stage directions). [Enter the BASTARD OF ORLEANS]

Bastard of Orleans. Where's the Prince Dauphin? I have news for him.



Charles, King of France. Bastard of Orleans, thrice welcome to us.

Bastard of Orleans. Methinks your looks are sad, your cheer appall'd:
Hath the late overthrow wrought this offence?
Be not dismay'd, for succor is at hand:
A holy maid hither with me I bring,
Which by a vision sent to her from heaven
Ordained is to raise this tedious siege
And drive the English forth the bounds of France.
The spirit of deep prophecy she hath,
Exceeding the nine sibyls of old Rome:
What's past and what's to come she can descry.
Speak, shall I call her in? Believe my words,
For they are certain and unfallible.



Duke of Alencon. How now, my lords! what, all unready so?

Bastard of Orleans. Unready! ay, and glad we 'scaped so well.



Duke of Alencon. Of all exploits since first I follow'd arms,
Ne'er heard I of a warlike enterprise
More venturous or desperate than this.

Bastard of Orleans. I think this Talbot be a fiend of hell.



Duke of Alencon. Here cometh Charles: I marvel how he sped.

Bastard of Orleans. Tut, holy Joan was his defensive guard.



Duke of Alencon. Had all your quarters been as safely kept
As that whereof I had the government,
We had not been thus shamefully surprised.

Bastard of Orleans. Mine was secure.



Charles, King of France. Saint Denis bless this happy stratagem!
And once again we'll sleep secure in Rouen.

Bastard of Orleans. Here enter'd Pucelle and her practisants;
Now she is there, how will she specify
Where is the best and safest passage in?



(stage directions). [Exit]

Bastard of Orleans. See, noble Charles, the beacon of our friend;
The burning torch in yonder turret stands.



Charles, King of France. We have been guided by thee hitherto,
And of thy cunning had no diffidence:
One sudden foil shall never breed distrust.

Bastard of Orleans. Search out thy wit for secret policies,
And we will make thee famous through the world.



Charles, King of France. Welcome, brave duke! thy friendship makes us fresh.

Bastard of Orleans. And doth beget new courage in our breasts.



Charles, King of France. Had York and Somerset brought rescue in,
We should have found a bloody day of this.

Bastard of Orleans. How the young whelp of Talbot's, raging-wood,
Did flesh his puny sword in Frenchmen's blood!



Duke of Burgundy. Doubtless he would have made a noble knight;
See, where he lies inhearsed in the arms
Of the most bloody nurser of his harms!

Bastard of Orleans. Hew them to pieces, hack their bones asunder
Whose life was England's glory, Gallia's wonder.

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