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in "Henry VIII"

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Duke of Buckingham. No, not a syllable:
I do pronounce him in that very shape
He shall appear in proof.
[Enter BRANDON, a Sergeant-at-arms before him, and]
two or three of the Guard]

Brandon. Your office, sergeant; execute it.



Duke of Buckingham. Lo, you, my lord,
The net has fall'n upon me! I shall perish
Under device and practise.

Brandon. I am sorry
To see you ta'en from liberty, to look on
The business present: 'tis his highness' pleasure
You shall to the Tower.



Duke of Buckingham. It will help me nothing
To plead mine innocence; for that dye is on me
Which makes my whitest part black. The will of heaven
Be done in this and all things! I obey.
O my Lord Abergavenny, fare you well!

Brandon. Nay, he must bear you company. The king
Is pleased you shall to the Tower, till you know
How he determines further.



Lord Abergavenny. As the duke said,
The will of heaven be done, and the king's pleasure
By me obey'd!

Brandon. Here is a warrant from
The king to attach Lord Montacute; and the bodies
Of the duke's confessor, John de la Car,
One Gilbert Peck, his chancellor—



Duke of Buckingham. So, so;
These are the limbs o' the plot: no more, I hope.

Brandon. A monk o' the Chartreux.



Duke of Buckingham. O, Nicholas Hopkins?

Brandon. He.

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