Speeches (Lines) for Thomas Horner
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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Henry VI. Say, man, were these thy words?

Thomas Horner. An't shall please your majesty, I never said nor
thought any such matter: God is my witness, I am
falsely accused by the villain.



Richard Plantagenet (Duke of Gloucester). Base dunghill villain and mechanical,
I'll have thy head for this thy traitor's speech.
I do beseech your royal majesty,
Let him have all the rigor of the law.

Thomas Horner. Alas, my lord, hang me, if ever I spake the words.
My accuser is my 'prentice; and when I did correct
him for his fault the other day, he did vow upon his
knees he would be even with me: I have good
witness of this: therefore I beseech your majesty,
do not cast away an honest man for a villain's



Duke/Earl of Somerset. I humbly thank your royal majesty.

Thomas Horner. And I accept the combat willingly.



Third Neighbour. And here's a pot of good double beer, neighbour:
drink, and fear not your man.

Thomas Horner. Let it come, i' faith, and I'll pledge you all; and
a fig for Peter!
for credit of the 'prentices.



Earl of Salisbury. Thump! then see thou thump thy master well.

Thomas Horner. Masters, I am come hither, as it were, upon my man's
instigation, to prove him a knave and myself an
honest man: and touching the Duke of York, I will
take my death, I never meant him any ill, nor the
king, nor the queen: and therefore, Peter, have at
thee with a downright blow!



(stage directions). [Alarum. They fight, and PETER strikes him down]

Thomas Horner. Hold, Peter, hold! I confess, I confess treason.

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